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​Family holiday with grandma and grandpa

​Our Hotel Thüringenschanze is a very popular destination with grandparents for family holidays with grandma & grandpa. Mom and Dad can go to work at home in peace and quiet while the children enjoy the full attention of Grandma and Grandpa during their holiday in Oberhof.

​Enjoy the holiday with the grandchildren

​As a grandma & grandpa you will certainly enjoy the time spent together on a family holiday in a very special way. You have the children all to yourself. Most of the time this works very well without the parents. You probably know that too :-).

For your family holiday with the grandchildren, you will find numerous tips for your holiday on our family holiday page.

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​Our tips for holidays with the grandchildren

​We have summarised in a small overview which preparations you should make to experience a relaxed holiday with your grandchildren.

​1. preparations for emergencies

​On the road, the safety of the children is of course the most important thing. If something really should happen, a written power of attorney regulates the rights of grandparents in an emergency. The power of attorney should explicitly release doctors from their duty of confidentiality towards the grandparents so that they can obtain information about medical details.

If it cannot be guaranteed that the parents can be reached by telephone 24 hours a day during the holiday, the power of attorney should also entitle the grandparents to decide on medical treatment. This allows doctors to act quickly and without restriction in an emergency.

If a child falls ill while on holiday, you should make a copy of the vaccination certificate together with a list of all serious previous illnesses, blood group and any allergies. In the kitchen of our hotel restaurant Bergvagabund we are happy to check for allergies and intolerances on request and can provide detailed information about the ingredients in our dishes.

​2. the law must be observed

​Within Europe, children and adults can identify themselves with a simple passport. There are special children's passports for children and young people under 12 years of age, which can be applied for at the Citizens' Office. Before departure, you should find out exactly where you are going. Holiday resorts are usually divided up according to target groups - in family hotels such as the Hotel Thüringerschanze, children and seniors meet up with their peers and can enjoy a program tailored to their needs, while more centrally located hotels with good transport connections to the surrounding towns tend to concentrate more on young adults and a wide range of party offerings.

​3. the small children's pharmacy for on the road

​At the first signs of coughing, sniffles or discomfort, even a small boost for the immune system often helps. If you put together a pharmacy case before your holiday, important small items such as disinfectants, plasters and cough drops are always at hand. Small everyday accidents can thus be treated quickly and easily and first aid becomes child's play. In case of an emergency, the staff of the Oberhof pharmacy are there for you and will be happy to advise you. In our hotel information desk we have already noted down all the important telephone numbers of doctors.

​4. the right time to travel with grandchildren

​When the right time to spend the night away from home depends entirely on the personal relationship between supervisor and child. If grandparents have close contact with the grandchildren from an early age and occasional overnight stays are part of everyday life, a holiday together with small children should not be a problem.

We are most frequently visited by holidaymakers with grandchildren of primary school age, but we also arrange the rooms for holidays with small children on request and offer child-friendly delicacies in the adjacent Bergvagabund restaurant. With school children you should pay attention to the holiday periods and the traffic that goes with them - at the beginning and end of the holiday period there are usually many traffic jams and car journeys can be much longer than planned.

​5. exact arrangement with the parents

​Before the grandchild leave, parents and grandparents should consult each other and clarify habits and difficulties of the children. Certain rituals should not be interrupted even during the holiday - grandma and grandpa should therefore know exactly the children's usual sleeping times and eating habits.

In some phases of development children need support in learning language or regular hygiene. Even grandparents who often see their grandchildren should be reminded of such small things by the parents before departure. It is also easier for grandparents if they are informed about educational limits. If the rules on holiday differ from those at home, children often find it harder to make the switch and the risk of homesickness increases. If the children are spoiled too much, the parents are again left behind after the holiday - so making the changeover easier for everyone involved is a precise agreement. The better the grandparents know about risks and habits, the more stress-free the grandchild holiday can be.

​6. travel preparations

​When grandparents travel with their grandchildren, the car journey to the destination can be a test of patience for both sides. For this reason, you should always have headphones with you for the children, so that digital games and music do not disturb the supervisors or other passengers or passengers. Small travel games shorten the time even more.

To avoid stops at petrol stations, you should pack sufficient provisions and drinks. If you have young children, however, you should plan regular breaks and store change of clothes or nappies for small children in the car, just in case.

Before the holiday, grandparents and parents should discuss the schedule with the children in order to prevent uncertainty on all sides.

​How to have a successful holiday with grandma & grandpa

​For grandparents, a holiday with grandchildren is something very special and serves as a rare opportunity to create unforgettable memories for young and old. If the cross-generational excursion is carefully prepared and planned in advance, both sides can fully enjoy the time together and the parents can relax at home without worries.

At our Hotel Thüringerschanze in Oberhof, families can experience the picturesque nature of the Thuringian Forest and enjoy the regional culture.

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