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Hiking holiday in the Thuringian Forest

​The Thuringian Forest with its numerous hiking trails and the famous and legendary Rennsteig high-altitude hiking trail is a paradise for hikers and outdoor enthusiasts. The landscape is full of surprises with its high peaks, deep forests, rippling streams, meadows and meadows. It can be rough and challenging - but also mild and lovely. The same goes for the hiking trails.

Some are mainly for professionals and experienced hikers, others can be walked by beginners or even by families with small children. That's why everyone can find exactly the trails that suit them. An ideal starting point is the village of Oberhof, as it is centrally located and directly on the Rennsteig. From here there are numerous possibilities for inspiring outdoor experiences and eventful hikes on the Rennsteig.

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​Hiking holiday in the hotel

​If you dream of a hiking holiday, you should think about planning in good time. For example, it is important to have a hotel that is geared towards hikers and where you know what is really good for the guests after a long day in nature.

The Hotel Thüringenschanze in Oberhof has specialized in hikers. It has drying rooms for clothes and shoes, a wellness area with a sauna for relaxation and a restaurant with a wide range of dishes. If you stay here overnight, you don't have to worry about food and drink on the way.

The kitchen of the Hotel Thüringenschanze packs hikers with suitable lunch packages. This also caters for those who are planning longer stretches in the countryside and can't get past a restaurant on the way.

​Tips for your hiking trip

​Before the trip It is annoying when you arrive at your holiday destination and find that you have packed the wrong things. That's why you should make a checklist and check point by point before the trip. It is also worthwhile to study hiking maps before the trip and choose suitable paths and routes. Then you can adjust your equipment accordingly.

​Our tips:

  • ​If you want to walk long distances, plan a trip during the mild autumn and spring months.

​The Rennsteig is a high-altitude hiking trail, the lowest points are 500 metres above sea level, the highest even 900 metres. It can therefore be much cooler in summer on certain tours and "further up" than in the valley.

  • ​Choose routes that suit your condition. If the route has a large difference in altitude and you have not had much practice, it should never be longer than five kilometres. Only experienced hikers should plan longer tours.
  • ​Install hiking apps on your smartphone and pack good hiking maps.
  • ​Think of possible weather capers. Rainwear and warm jackets are just as important as sunscreen and sunglasses.
  • ​Check your shoes, clothes and equipment before packing. You may have to buy something new.
  • ​Remember: Not far from the Hotel Thüringenschanze is the H2Oberhof wellness pool with numerous saunas and varied swimming pools. For a hiking holiday in Oberhof you should always pack your swimsuit.

​Good to know:

The "Rennsteig-Leitern" provide variety

​Hikes on the Rennsteig differ from tours on other famous hiking trails. Although the Rennsteig is almost 170 kilometers long and runs right through the Thuringian Forest, as a hiker you don't necessarily have to walk it from one end to the other. Thanks to the Rennsteig ladders, there are many more opportunities. They make a vacation in the Thuringian Forest especially varied.

These Rennsteig ladders are small side paths that - like rungs on a ladder - all lead to the Rennsteig. Here hikers have a perfect choice. There are short and easy paths and long, demanding ones. There are lonely footbridges that end at secluded and mysterious floodplains - and there are lively ones with hiking bars and restaurants that attract numerous tourists.

  • ​Some "Rennsteig-Leitern" are connected with each other and form interesting circular routes. Near the Hotel Thüringenschanze, for example, is the circular trail around the Lubenbach Valley. The route is 13.6 kilometres long with a medium degree of difficulty. The trail leads via Zella-Mehlis and the Bärenstein lookout point.

​Simple, medium and difficult paths

​On the Rennsteig there are hiking trails in all degrees of difficulty. Therefore, even beginners feel comfortable here. But also experienced hikers are happy if they can walk an easy path in between, while beginners have an ideal place here to slowly improve their performance. For example, you can choose a short hike of only four kilometres to get started. At the end, after several days, you may be fit enough to venture on a longer and more demanding route.


  • ​The sports facility path is only 4.3 kilometres long and barrier-free. It leads past the famous sports facilities of the village. It is also suitable for families with prams and wheelchairs.
  • ​The "Herrenweg" is 4.6 kilometers long, begins only a few minutes' walk from the Hotel Thüringenschanze and ends at the "Zur Wegscheide" inn. A popular walk for all those who want to have a hearty meal afterwards.
  • ​The path "Zum Forsthaus Sattelbach" is 6.8 kilometres long, but leads to an altitude of 873 metres. The path is moderately difficult and, due to its high altitude, is especially recommended in the summer months.
  • ​The path around the "Ohratalsperre" is particularly varied thanks to its view of the reservoir. However, it is 14.4 kilometres long and has a difference in altitude of 289 metres. So the condition must be good! However, if you take a whole day and plan many breaks, the trail is also suitable for the untrained. Especially practical: it is a circular route, and you can return to your starting point without any problems.
  • ​The "Gipfelwanderweg" is a demanding tour for all hikers with very good physical condition. Nevertheless, many a hiker reaches his or her limits here. The trail is 30.9 kilometres long, several differences in altitude have to be overcome - together they amount to 958 metres. The trail leads to the surrounding 900-metre peaks, the Great Beerberg being the crowning highlight. The effort is rewarded with magnificent viewpoints.

Nordic Feeling
​in the Thuringian Forest

​Of course, the Thuringian Forest is not only a paradise for hikers - especially the winter shows its most beautiful side here with its white fairytale landscape. Oberhof is one of the German cross-country skiing centres and therefore bears the title "DSV nordic aktiv Region". Many of the local cross-country ski trails are marked as "nordic-active trails" and are easily accessible from the Hotel Thüringenschanze. Especially popular are two cross-country trails directly at the Schneekopf. By the way, the cross-country trails are ideal for Nordic walking in the summer months. So you don't have to wait for snow if you want to experience the nordic-feeling very close.

​Hiking in the Thuringian Forest with the Oberhof-Card

​With this card your hiking holiday will be even easier and more beautiful! All our guests receive it automatically upon arrival. You can leave your car and take the city bus free of charge. In addition, a detailed guest programme with many cultural events is available to you. The map is also ideal for those who don't like to be on their own, as it allows you to take part in guided hikes.

How about a visit to a herb witch and a herb hike or a tour that also includes a relaxing fresh air rest cure? The guided city tour is also exciting. Practical: If you should have forgotten something, you can even use the card to rent walking sticks, backpacks and much more. The card is financed by the visitor's tax of 2 euros per day.

​in a nutshell

​The Hotel Thüringenschanze is centrally located on the Rennsteig and is perfectly suited for a holiday in the Thuringian Forest. The hotel is family-run and is fully geared to the needs of hikers. Hikes on the Rennsteig are varied with a wide range of tours for all seasons and all levels of difficulty. The Oberhof-Card makes your holiday even easier and more varied. Your hiking holiday in Oberhof will be an unforgettable experience.

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