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​Hiking on the Rennsteig

"Diesen Weg auf den Höhen bin ich oft gegangen,
Vöglein sangen Lieder,
bin ich weit in der Welt,
habe ich Verlangen,
Thüringer Wald nur nach dir."

​(Rennsteig song - the secret hymn of Thuringia)

​The Rennsteig Song

​Thuringia's secret anthem was first heard on April 14, 1951, because it says everything about the beauty of the Thuringian Forest, about the beautiful Rennsteig high-level hiking trail and about the magic of this impressive landscape. When the song was performed for the first time in 1951, the audience spontaneously shouted: "More of that! We want to hear such songs." Herbert Roth, a local poet and composer, had written the lines and the accompanying notes. He was an enthusiastic amateur musician and had to fight for his reputation again and again in GDR times. For the upper classes his music was too "western". He died in 1983, and in his honour a memorial stone was dedicated in 1996 800 metres south of the Schmücke.

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​The oldest hiking trail in Germany

​The legendary Rennsteig is indisputably one of the most beautiful hiking trails in Germany. It is one of the oldest trails in Europe and is proven to be the oldest in Germany. Bishop Otto I of Bamberg already used the trail in the early 12th century on his missionary journeys to Pomerania. The first documented mention dates back to 1330, when it was still called Rynnestyg".

Already in 1666 the whole area was thoroughly surveyed by order of Duke Ernst von Gotha. The path leads from the Werra to the Saale. It begins in Eisenach-Hörschel and leads over 169.3 breathtaking kilometres to Blankenstein.

The famous ski resort of Oberhof lies almost exactly in the middle. Very close to this place the hiker finds the highest peaks of the region, the 978-metre-high Schneekopf and the 983-metre-high Großer Beerberg. The hiker constantly moves between 500 and 900 metres above sea level on this high-altitude hiking trail. The path is divided into several stages and also offers numerous side trails and side paths, which are ideal for shorter hikes.

​Vacation on the Rennsteig

​Oberhof is located in the heart of this hiking region and is therefore a perfect starting point for a holiday on the Rennsteig. The village lies 800 meters above sea level on a plateau. In summer the wide meadows and deep forests are fascinating, in winter the village is the centre of an enchanting winter landscape. The village is small - only about 1700 people live here - but it is completely geared towards tourism, sporting events and guests from home and abroad. Several rivers rise nearby - the Gera, the Ohra, the Hasel and the Schönau.

The legendary high-altitude hiking trail passes right by here. The village is therefore the ideal starting point for outdoor adventures in all seasons. In winter, the cross-country ski trails entice you to go cross-country skiing, while in the snow-free season you can hike through the endless expanses of the Thuringian Forest.

Mountain biking or cycling are of course also possible during a holiday on the Rennsteig. If you don't just want to be active outdoors, you can also relax differently in the heart of the Thuringian Forest. Oberhof scores with a rich cultural offer and an event calendar full of surprises.

Whether it's a dance evening, an art exhibition or a romantic carriage ride - there's something for everyone! Joie de vivre and the Thuringian Forest belong together. That's exactly why the Rennsteig song always comes from the heart:

"Ich bin ein lustiger Wandersmann,
so völlig unbeschwert,
mein Lied erklingt durch Busch und Tann,
das jeder gerne hört..."

​(Rennsteiglied, 3rd verse - the secret hymn of Thuringia)

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