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​Indoor ​cross-country skiing Hall ​

​Oberhof, recreational athletes can breathe real Olympic air. This is the only cross-country skiing and biathlon hall in Germany. Here you can also go cross-country skiing in summer to train in your favourite sport without having to wait for the cold season.

​Nearly 2 km cross-country skiing challenge with adjacent shooting range

​If you always wanted to go cross-country skiing like the real sports pros, the Skisporthalle Oberhof is the right place for you. Two loops are connected by a track with a double cross-country ski run and a central area, where the fast power lap also leads into. Here you can do your laps as a recreational athlete as well as the sport professionals.

Test how well you master the routes that top athletes usually master. If cross-country skiing alone is not enough for you and you want to try your hand at biathlon, you can test how well you hit the target with a small bore rifle in the adjacent shooting range. Before you do your strenuous rounds on the cross-country trails, try to keep a steady hand and a sure eye in the shooting hall. You will find that this is not so easy. This is how our biathletes feel when they take part in competitions. Here you have the opportunity to experience the challenge at first hand.

​Comprehensive ski service

​To try cross-country skiing, you don't necessarily need your own skis in the Oberhof ski sports hall. The indoor ski service also includes a ski rental. You can rent skis here on site that are exactly tailored to your size and constitution.

In the ski school you can also learn cross-country skiing from the ground up in a technically perfect way. In addition, free waxing courses are available to you. Here you will be shown how to wax your skis optimally, because choosing the right wax is crucial for your speed.

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​Family time in Oberhof

​TOP offer for families

​up to two children in the room

​from 3 days (2 nights)

Breakfast buffet ✺ ​Dinner
✺ ​Entry H2Oberhof Wellnessbad

​per person: ​from € 100

​Time out in Oberhof

​Have a break!

​​from 3 days (2 nights)

Breakfast buffet ✿ ​Daily 2-course menu for dinner ✿ ​One Entry H2Oberhof Wellnessbad


​per person: from € 100

​Thuringian Forest Experience

​Pure happiness ​in the forest

​​​from 3 days (2 nights)

Breakfast buffet ☀​ ​Dinner ☀ ​​Entry "Rennsteiggarten" ☀ ​Thuringian Forest Card Adventure Guide 

​​per person: from € 102

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The Hotel Thüringenschanze Oberhof is located directly in the centre of Oberhof. Very close by you will find the spa gardens, the H2Oberhof wellness spa and the Oberhof sports facilities.

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